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Career Sabbatical

Career Sabbatical

In this world of endless career opportunities there is a new attitude developing of what a healthy work life balance really is. We no longer need to postpone our dreams of travel, exploration and the pursuit of new experiences to retirement, if we make it that far? Investing your savings in a career sabbatical to pursue these goals can be the best investment in your career. There is no question that there is a high financial cost through savings spent, missed earnings and career development, but given the life changing nature of such pursuits and the level of satisfaction gained, we can become better workers, partners, parents, in the years after therefore the financial investment can return more in the long term. I have heard it said that money invested in experiences rather than material objects gives a superior satisfaction return in the long term. I must say that 6 years after my 18 months world trip I agree with this view, the wonderful memories burn brightly and seem to grow as each year passes. Through my trip I met my wife, turned into a Landscape Photographer www.lawlor.me and no doubt changed in many positive ways. I no longer crave such travel as deeply as I once did, that part of life is done, now all focus is on my new family, I can only hope for a healthy retirement in 20 years when I can do it all over again:) Image: Abra Malaga pass, on the way from Cusco to Machu Picchu, Peru
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