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BD Brand Design

BD Brand Design

Capture your brand with a powerful visual identity We all know that when it comes to business, first impressions really count. And in most cases, it’s your visual branding that’s going to create the first impression your business makes. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that your branding elements accurately reflect what you want to communicate about your business. It’s also vital that each element is consistent and integrated – because on a subconscious level, it reassures your prospects and customers, and conveys your company’s professionalism. This is what drives us at BD Brand Design. We truly care about understanding your business and how you want to express yourself to the world. We listen to what you say, and come up with a brand design that gels perfectly with how you want to be visually represented. Led by talented graphic designer Benita Dwyer, BD Brand Design will capture what’s unique about your business, and create branding elements that appeal to the people you want to reach. Benita has 17 years experience in graphic design, and she has worked on a wide range of national and international brands across 20 different sectors. Her qualifications include AWARD School, AFA Art Directing Principles, Certificate III in Graphic Design and a Certificate IV in Web Design. Create a powerful first impression.
Willoughby, NSW
Company size
10,001+ employees
Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design, Photography, Web development, Brand Design, Print Design, Hand Lettering, Digital Design, Packaging Design
Top employees at
BD Brand Design
Benita Dwyer
Senior Designer
Sydney, Australia

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