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2 Water is a not for profit organisation which uses people’s love and appreciation for wine to fund water projects in the developing world. Thinking about the relationship between wine and water truly highlights the differences in global living standards. It takes roughly 500 litres of water to produce just one bottle of wine, and while many of us are fortunate enough to enjoy wine, there are almost a billion people in the world without access to clean water. 2 Water’s fundraising model revolves around two core principles: 1. 100% of Money Raised at Events is Invested in Water Projects
 When benefactors purchase wines or donate at events, 100% of that money goes straight to building water systems. None of it is retained by 2Water. 2Water funds its operations from event ticket sales and individual operational donations. This allows us to maintain full transparency between operational and charitable cash flow.
 2. Return on Investment
 Most charities simply accept your cheque and the money disappears into their complex organisations. When you purchase wine at our events you not only go home with the wine you will be able to enjoy, but you also know how and where your money is spent. Each of our events is allocated to a particular water project(s) to make your donation as transparent as possible.
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Water Projects, Sanitation, Sustainability, Policy expertise

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